• The Problem we are trying to resolve: Pollution is an important issue globally and in particular throughout densely populated cities such as Paris, Milan, Glasgow and London, where 95% of the population lives with poor air quality leading to a higher incidence of asthma, reduced lung function and a number of premature deaths. There are 40,000 premature deaths in the UK per year, which are a direct consequence of cars and vans fumes. This issue costs the NHS over 1,1bn GBP per year.
  • Kippitech has developed the concept of “Peapod” – An app based on blockchain technology that incentivises the choice of low carbon footprint travelling on a day to day basis, to help the environment. It will also alert users when the air quality is poor, so alternative plans or routes can be pursued. 
  • Peapod also allows users to pay for public transportation via contactless technology. We match users to the world’s most environmentally friendly and conscious brands.
  • Peapod is free to download.
  • Peapods integrated payment method will offer rewards from brands that promote sustainable and ethical living, providing them with a marketing channel to a segment of families and conscious consumers in large cities around the UK.
  • If you are interested in participating in our project as a merchant contact us
A project financed by Interface and executed by the Blockchain Identity Lab in Edinburgh Napier University
Kippitech is working in Collaboration with the Blockchain Identity Lab in Edinburgh Napier University to deliver blockchain wearable solutions for Air Quality.
Our Project Peapod was a finalist in the Climate- Kic Competition 2018, part of the International Climate Launchpad for Green Ideas that can make a difference to the environment.


Would you like to join our project from the development side? We are currently looking for the following:

Blockchain Prototyping Architect/ Developer:

  • Experience designing and building highly-scaled distributed systems and web services
  • Thorough understanding of parallel algorithms, concurrency, asynchronous architectures
  • Experience working in an agile software development organization
  • Experience building with SOA using Java on Linux
  • Experience working with blockchain frameworks such as Ethereum and the Hyperledger projects
  • Experience in writing smart contracts for blockchain frameworks
  • Proven ability to effectively drive cross-team solutions that may have complex dependencies
  • Experience in enterprise software or cloud services